The changing supply/demand relationship in global contingent workforce management

By February 24, 2013Uncategorized

The global contingent workforce management space is necessarily evolving as the supply and demand solutions are changing to address the fluid nature of the marketplace.
This can complicate or streamline the process. Obviously the streamlining solution is the goal for every organization.
One solution is the creation of so called ‘Global PEO’ . This is a misnomer, however, in that the ‘co-employer’ relationship is only recognized in the U.S. A more accurate description is Global Employment Outsourcing, a term coined by Safeguard World International. To GEO an employee is to engage Safeguard’s Global Employment Outsourcing and engage that employee legally and compliantly with Safeguard as employer of record in more than 125 countries.

Regardless, the worker is a contingent workforce employee placed in a country where the employer may not have a legal presence but has a need to employ workers.

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